Delicate & Beaded Garments

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Formal gowns, beaded and sequin sweaters, blouses, dresses or skirts are very popular and always in fashion.

All these delicate garments are unique and beautiful requiring quality workmanship to make. When it is time to clean them it is very important to read the manufacturers care label sewn inside the garment. A large portion of these garments must be cleaned by hand, either in water or by dry cleaning. Many are "Spot Clean Only". We have the experience and knowledge to handle all these types of garments.

Elite cleaners has a state-of-the-art "Wet Cleaning Machine" that will successfully and professionally produce amazing results with beads, sequins, glitter and glued on appliques. Before cleaning, inspection of each garment is mandatory. If needed, repairs are made before the cleaning process begins. Once in a while we may have questions regarding the garments condition and we will call you to ensure we meet your expectations.

You can leave your specially handled or delicate garments with us and be confident that they will be returned to you in as good or better condition that when you brought them in.